Emerson Zandegu is a multidisciplinary artist based in the leafy north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. His colourful and eclectic work explores identity, gender, and the natural world.
He wears a lot of hats: he's an animator, designer, illustrator, community artist, and curator. And he likes to think he wears them pretty well!
Whether he's working solo or in a team, his goal always is the same - making cool stuff that’s full of heart.
Since graduating from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) in 2017, he has worked for studios both in-house and remotely (12Field, Eden Industries), and has worked with a wide variety of clients (Minus18, Transgender Victoria, The Future Perfect Project).
His work has been recognized locally and internationally (StArt Up: Top Arts, Banyule Artist Residency, Brainmind Residency).

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