Emerson Zandegu is program facilitator and multidisciplinary artist based in the leafy north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. He wears a lot of hats: he runs workshops, curates exhibitions, animates, designs, and illustrates. His colourful and eclectic artwork explores identity, gender, and the natural world.

He runs workshops & events that focus on the development of inclusive, supportive, and non-judgemental community spaces where LGBTQ+ folks can participate at their own comfort level and hang out with like-minded people.
Emerson is the founder of Treehome, a Naarm-based not-for-profit artist collective proudly owned and run by LGBTQ+ creators.
His art been recognized locally and internationally (StArt Up: Top Arts, Banyule Artist Residency, Brainmind Residency).
Whether he's working solo or in a team, his goal always is the same - making cool stuff that’s full of heart.
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